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Size: 12cm*0.75cm

Unlike permanent tattoos which are a commitment that you make in terms of allotting a portion of your body to it, temporary tattoos are a genius proposition for those who can enjoy themselves without any of the commitment! What is more, temporary tattoos are bright and beautiful, making them ideal for any festive events, regardless of gender!​

Try temporary tattoos for your photo-shooting, selfie, events, birthdays, sorority events, wedding/ bachelorette or private parties that no one will ever forget! Make them perfect accessories when you’re tromping around at any indoor or outdoor events!

Very Easy to Apply:

  1. Cut out the Tattoo of Choice and remove clear sheet.

  2. Place Tattoo face Down on Skin.

  3. Wet the Tattoo thoroughly with a sponge or cloth

  4. After 20-30 seconds, gently remove the backing paper.

  5. Allow the Tattoo to dry.



How to remove:

     Apply rubbing alcohol or baby oil, wait 10 seconds, then rub gently and repeatedly with more until removed.



    Doscontinue use if irritation occurs.

    Do NOT put directly on eye.

    NOT for children under 3 years age.


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