Dinosaur Happy Birthday Banners – Baby Cartoon Dinosaur

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Great ideal for decorating walls,windows,mantels and party tables.Keep them as decoration in your child’s room after the party!

The perfect display for a Dinosaur Theme Party  for birthday or any age

Ribbon 4-5 meters

Card Size:

0:12.7*11.7cm,   NE:14.7*12cm

H:11.3*12.8cm,  AP:15.8*13.4cm,

p:5.6*10.61cm,    Y:9.8*11.4cm,

B:7.3*13.3cm,    IR:17.1*10.8cm,    THD:31.5*12.9cm,

A:7.00*13cm,     Y:9.86*17.36